Find out how you can increase your chances of starting a successful company by following a process you may have never heard of before

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A Common Startup Narrative

Starting on a new idea is one of the most exciting things to go through. You have these ah-ha moments that come to the front of your mind, almost like magic. Sometimes, these ideas come to you out of surprise when watching TV or even taking a walk. And then…

Building an innovative propulsion platform will lead Formula 1 towards a brighter future where racing is still competitive, and the world is cleaner because of it.

After many years of racing, it’s time that we say goodbye to one of Formula 1’s most iconic staples — the internal combustion engine. We’ll miss the roaring sounds that we’ve become accustomed to over the last 70 years. …

Here are a few things that will help make next year a lot better for you

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Reading those books, you never got to in 2019

I know we’re all guilty of buying books and never picking them back up again. For 2020, read the books that you pick up. If you already have books lying around, then start with those. It can be anything that will bring you enjoyment. And don’t worry if you don’t…

But it’s worth every minute of your effort

2020 is right around the corner, and I’m on a mission to change everything in my life. I know this sounds incredibly cliche, considering that the new year (and decade!) is right around the corner, but it’s relatively standard for me to keep pushing along with my own goals.


Focus on what you can give back, and more opportunities will pop up all around you

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Giving back is one of the most critical aspects of your success. And a lot of people often skip this piece of the equation, opting into a short term gain approach that gives them an immediate result with no long term opportunities.

When I have meetings with individuals that are…

Companies should deploy hiring strategies that strive to simulate what it would look like to work with a candidate every day

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The current reality for getting a job as an entry-level developer is scary

I’ve met many people over the last few years that are looking to break into the tech industry as an entry-level developer. And honestly, it’s scary for many of them. I feel for them.

The reason why it’s scary is that many companies deploy a single hiring strategy that tests…

Getting your first package prototype out to potential customers is a surprisingly simple process

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My first thought: How do I get from here to there?

Building out a company that requires packaging is something that I haven’t done before. So the biggest question for myself was about getting from point A to point B with my idea.

It’s funny how our ideas are seemingly clear in our heads. We can imagine things to be whatever…

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